Faculty of Natural SciencesPage ContentSubmission for Review: Upon completion of their research, students must summarize their study in the form of a scientific assay and submit it to the Office of Graduate Studies. The number of copies that should be submitted is equal to the number of advisors + 2.

The copies must be signed by the student and the advisor(s).

Doctoral training at the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences

After the oral exam: The thesis, including the required corrections, as assigned by the reviewers, will be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies in four printed bound copies, signed by the student, the advisor(s) and the Chair of the department of Graduate studies Committee. Thesis will be sent by the Graduate Studies Office to the Department's library, the Ben-Gurion University library (2 copies) and to the National Library in Jerusalem.

The following are instructions for writing the thesis and samples of the cover and title pages:Paper:Printing:On the left of the page, the margin must be 4 cm wide and on each of the three remaining sides the margin should be at least 1. Equations:Symbols and signs are to be used according to accepted international standards. The numbers in the equations should appear in brackets on the right side of the paper, close to the edge.

Abstract in Hebrew, including the thesis title in Hebrew e. Table of contents - the list is to be detailed up to the second degree, i. Introduction - Scientific background and research question i. Goals – Outlining of research goals and hypothesesj.

Methods - Description of chosen research methodologyk.

Descriptions of grades for master's theses in mathematics, natural

Discussion – Analysis of the results and conclusionsm. Bibliography - A bibliographic list of sources using the scientific standard form.

The title of each reference should be clearly indicated Jump to EXAMINATION OF DOCTORAL DISSERTATION AND LICENTIATE - The dissertation reviewers and or have equivalent scientific merits..

Ten theses on modern natural science education