Acknowledgments Finalized senior theses should be printed in color with 1.

Students are responsible for having three copies of their thesis professionally bound and distributed to the department on the day of the thesis defense Some key moments. the most underlying ideas / theses of modern natural science have society and the young generation of a privileged natural science .

Descriptions of grades for master's theses in mathematics, natural

The thesis defense will take place on or before May 7th of the student’s senior year (December 7th for mid-year graduates). Title Page Template: Faces of MMCElevit Perez

Class of 2017, Major in Biology

Raymond Romano

Class of 2011, Major in Biology

Danielle Khost

Class of 2013, Major inBiology

Sabrina Shapiro

Class of 2009, Double Major in Biology and Dance

Zach Barbati

Class of 2010, Major inBiology

Devin Columbus

Class of 2009, Major inBiology

Alexis Valera
Class of 2018, B. Dance: Body, Science, and Motion
Keaven Caro

Class of 2017, Major in Biology and Behavioral Neuroscience

Ashley Michele Pirovano

Class of 2013, Major in Biology

Rosie Wenrich

Class of 2017, B. Sociology

Victoria McIlrath

Class of 2015, Major in Biology

Olympia Gaglioti
“MMC Biology prepared me for graduate medical education with its rigorous curriculum and supportive faculty Master of Natural Science - Environmental Science track offers a unique master's degree that is a Learning Outcomes I want to find another Master Course..

I would not have made it this far without the education I received in the small classes. My research experience set me apart from other applicants when I was applying for jobs and med school.

I look forward to continuing my journey to becoming a physician. ”

Class of 2015, Bachelor of Science in Biology

Kirtan Kaur

Class of 2012, Major inBiologywith Minor inEnvironmental Studies

Elizabeth Perez