MA thesis in the teacher education programme in the Natural Sciences Table of Contents - The scope of the master’s thesis is 30 study points. You can write the thesis in the last semester or the two last semesters.

You are welcome to write on a topic that treats subjects you want to study in the 9th and 10th semesters; however, your choice of subjects needs to be cleared with your supervisor and at least 15 study points must be from a subject at 3000-level. The remaining 15 study points may be from subjects at 2000-level, but must be relevant topics for the thesis. You are responsible for deciding on a topic to write about and contact a supervisor in that particular field.

If you do not have a specific topic in mind, you can contact your institute to get information about available topics. Master’s agreement #Before September 15 in your fifth year of study, you must submit a Master’s agreement signed by you, your supervisor, the head of department and the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. You can find the Master’s agreement in DAIM (click ‘Min masteroppgave’).

Deadline for submission of the master’s thesis #The deadline for submitting the master’s thesis is: June 1 for master programmes that according to your education schedule utdanningsplan should be completed in the spring termDecember 1 for master programmes that according to your education schedule utdanningsplan should be completed in the autumn termThe master’s thesis is to be submitted electronically as a pdf file through DAIM by the deadline Some key moments. the most underlying ideas / theses of modern natural science have society and the young generation of a privileged natural science .

Postponing the submission #If your submission is delayed due to technical issues with the thesis or technical issues with the equipment, illness or other circumstances, you can apply for an extended deadline. Send your written application to the IME Faculty.

The application must include a written explanation or statement, in addition to documentation providing a schedule for the remaining work. If you fail to submit the thesis by the deadline, if you do not apply for a postponement or if you have applied for a postponement but this is not granted, your thesis may be rejected.

Examination in any specialized syllabus must be completed during the exam period, before the presentation of the master’s thesis, or in connection with the presentation Please include the following information in your senior thesis proposal (5 pages maximum):. Names of student, thesis advisor, and thesis reader. Title of project..

Presentation of the master’s thesis / oral examination #By the end of the term you must publicly present and describe your thesis and your findings for your supervisor, an external examiner and anyone else who might be interested. The presentation takes place before July 1 during the spring term and before January 10 during the fall term. The time and place for the presentation is announced on bulletin boards or through other information channels.

The presentation should have a length of at least 30 minutes and describe the work done as part of the thesis 11 Apr 2016 - The thesis shall be an independent, scientific work that meets international Supervisors have a responsibility to consider the viability of .

The supervisor and the examiner can question the candidate after the presentation. We recommend that the presentation is written to target an audience consisting of staff and students at your institute.

After the presentation, you will receive the final grade for your thesis. The presentation together with the following oral examination / conversation can lead to an adjustment of the final grade.

There will be no oral examination if the submitted thesis is given an initial F and the candidate is not considered able to adjust this grade through an oral exam Jump to EXAMINATION OF DOCTORAL DISSERTATION AND LICENTIATE - The dissertation reviewers and or have equivalent scientific merits..

The thesis must receive a grade within 3 months of submission. Are you collecting personal data? #Researchers, supervisors, students and others in need of advice and counselling on how to process and treat personal information, registration requirements and approval of research projects are welcome to speak with NSD’s contact at NTNU, Anne Marie Snekvik