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References Faces of MMCKeaven Caro

Class of 2009, Major inBiology

Ashley Michele Pirovano

Class of 2013, Major in Biology

Kirtan Kaur

Class of 2012, Major inBiologywith Minor inEnvironmental Studies

Rosie Wenrich

Class of 2017, B On this page you can find information about the master's thesis part of the teacher education programme in the natural sciences (LUR).< >. If you do not have a specific topic in mind, you can contact your institute to get information about .


Zach Barbati

Class of 2010, Major inBiology

Raymond Romano

Class of 2011, Major in Biology

Alexis Valera
Class of 2018, B.

Descriptions of grades for master's theses in mathematics, natural

MMC allowed me to establish close and lasting relationships with my professors through an intimate and challenging learning environment. When faced with challenges throughout the rigorous curriculum, I never hesitated to find help and guidance amongst my professors and peers.

The support I received allowed me to reach my full potential in my studies and in my personal life. During my time at MMC, I was involved in computational research under the guidance of Dr.

Throughout this experience, I gained invaluable knowledge on molecular dynamics, making scientific posters, and public speaking by presenting the research at various conferences Senior theses should be written in the style of a scientific journal article and my thesis research, I look back and realize how fortunate I am to have picked MMC .

My thesis awarded me the accolade of Honors in Biology.

Doctoral training at the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences

It was an honor to be taught and work alongside such brilliant educators.

Class of 2017, Major in Biology

Emerson Khost

Class of 2013, Major inBiology

Olympia Gaglioti

Class of 2012, Major inBiology

Alice Trye