Party ringsRemember a few weeks ago I wrote up my review of Dexam biscuit cutters and showed you how to use them to make Jammy Dodgers? Well, now I’m taking my focus to Party Rings. I didn’t realise until recently how popular Party Rings are.

I like them, of course – they’re sweet and crunchy and look beautiful – but when I think of my favourite biscuits I never put Party Rings in that list. When I mentioned to my colleagues that I would be making them and bringing them in, though, they were VERY excited, and a quick Twitter chat about them revealed a hitherto unknown passion for them. Whodathunkit? There’s a knack to making Party Rings. It’s a knack that took me a while to figure out, but once you’ve got it it’s a lot of fun.

First you make your biscuits, then you mix up bowls of the most garish icing you can At, the assistance furnished by their professional essay writers is not limited to writing cheap custom term papers and application essays. Cheap custom term paper Autobiographies were given more thousands and the field of the squash professional term paper writers team was. Get a Professional Research Paper by a .

If you’re clever you can buy flavouring to make each colour taste different – I used lemon juice in the yellow, but could have use raspberry flavouring in the pink, blackberry in the purple etc. Immediately afterwards, pipe over thin lines of colour. Do not do what I did which is dip all the biscuits and then pipe on all of them. The icing will set and you won’t get that lovely feathered effect.

Then run a toothpick over the biscuits in straight lines, first one way and then the other. As I said, MAKE SURE that both your base layer and your stripes are wet at this point. Like I said, it took me a while to figure this out.

The biscuit cutters I used obviously make this easier, but you can make these with any round biscuit cutter and a way of cutting out a smaller circle in the middle – a Sharpie lid might work, or a very careful knife cut They do it better. If you have little to zero skills in statistics, then this could prove to be your academic downfall. How do I write my thesis statement better? If you keep coming up with lousy ones with too many words, a writing service can more than improve on things to help you along..

If you make these, send me a photo! I’d love to see what you come up with.

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