Dear Sir or Madam,I am currently focusing on green human resources management in the offices of rural communes in Poland. I would like to measure the level of their greening, and in the second part the impact of green human resources management on the effectiveness of offices.

Probably no one has carried out such research in Poland yet. Hence my question is someone has a tool or tools to carry out such research and whether he could provide it to me or indicate the address at which I should find it? I will be grateful for any kind of help help.

“Green HR audit checklist?Green Human Resource Management entails usually two elements namely environment-friendly Human Resource practices and the preservation of knowledge capital. Determine the scope: The first step of conducting an Green HR audit is to determine the scope of the audit.

If an Green -HR audit has never been conducted, a comprehensive review of all policies and procedures is recommended Sample research proposal topics in human resource management - This proposal is designed to help you make an informed decision Human Resource Management Paper Writing Pro-Papers Canada 🤘 The other two writers of the strategic management im getting so tired of these people school asking me to send..

Going forward, businesses may choose to conduct audits that focus on specific Green -HR functions. Develop a plan: The next step is to develop a plan for conducting the.