For which reasons can companies report reviews? If a review violates Trustpilot's User Guidelines, the reviewed company can report it from their business account. Companies are asked to explain which part of the review breaches the User Guidelines and why.

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We ask companies to use the reporting function in their business account so that we get all the information we need to handle their request as efficiently as possible When you are asked to write a report you will usually be given a report brief which provides you with structure material in a logical and coherent order;..

Companies can select one or morereasons for reporting a review based on our User Guidelines (US version, UK version). Reasons for reporting a review There's a problem with part(s) of the reviewThe review contains offensive language that is accusatory, defamatory, violent, coarse, sexist or racist The review contains personal information that could be used to track, identify, contact or impersonate someone (e.

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Each review can be reported once, unless it's updated and new content is added by the reviewer. That means companies should clearly explain how the review violates our rules.

Our Compliance Team will then investigate whether the review should be restored, edited by the reviewer, or removed.

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For example, if a company invites a customer to write a review following a purchase, it doesn't make sense to be able to report for the reason: "This reviewer has not had a genuine buying or service experience". The company will be asked to write a public version of their reason for reporting.

Companies should ensure their replies are polite and comply with Trustpilot's Company Guidelines (US version, UK version) A report may include any of the sections outlined in the table above, in the order presented. However, it is rare that it will include all of them. The revolving soccer .

If we have to contact the reviewer to request changes or documentation, we usually give them up to 7 days to reply.

Where multiple changes are required, there can be some back and forth between the reviewer and our Compliance Team, which can take time To transmit a change in OrdStatus<39>for an order, the broker(sell side) should send an Execution Report<8>with the new OrdStatus<39>value in both the .

Tips on our rules Reviews can be about service experiences.

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Not everyone shares the same view of what "offensive language" is, but we apply our guidelines consistently across our community What you find out will form the basis, or main body, of your report – the findings. For more That the required sections are included, and are in the correct order..

Promotional references that promote something other than the reviewed business in a way that’s irrelevant or inappropriate to the sharing of an experience can be reported.

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Misuse of the reporting function The reporting function is an important feature in our review community. To ensure that we maintain trust and transparency in our platform, we don't allow companies to misuse it. Get help Don't know which reporting option to choose? Need more info about reporting reviews from your business account? Contact our Support Team.

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