Sociology examines how individual choices are affected by wider social forces and how they can be understood by placing them in their social context.

At Edinburgh, we study the relationship between individuals and groups, issues of belonging and identity, the social causes of cooperation and conflict, and the way societies and social institutions are formed and change over time 1) Your job in in-class presentations is to get the class thinking about the reading. Rather, focus on one or two key issues, answer some of my web-posted .

Our programme also equips you to compare different national contexts and understand contemporary social issues from a global perspective.

Year 1We introduce you to key sociological ideas by studying the relationship between individuals and groups through examining examples such as social change, drug use, race and ethnicity and gender Introduction to Sociology – 1st Canadian Edition You move out of the way when someone needs to get by, and you say “excuse me” when you need to leave..

We also help you develop the key skills you need to study sociology and apply your knowledge to life outside the classroom. You'll select from a wide range of option courses, depending on the programme you choose.

Year 2You study how sociologists produce and use theory and research evidence. You take four option courses, depending on your programme.

Year 3You will learn practical research skills, carry out a group research project, and study social theory. Option courses cover many areas including environment and risk, globalisation, nationalism, the internet, and youth culture.

Year 4In Year 4 you will take more option courses and complete an individual research project supported by a member of teaching staff. There are opportunities to present your research findings to your peers.