What is expected from individual in-class presentations(graduate students): 1) Your job in in-class presentations is to get the classthinking about the reading.

Rather, focus on one or two key issues, answer some of my web-postedquestions, and pose (and answer) a question or two of your own 7 May 2015 - Check out our post and get immediate help! While placing the order from the website coolessay.net you are able to choose one of the secure payment methods: Paypal or Good Sociology Topics for Presentations..

If you have acritique or criticism of the reading, all the better. Brevity and clarity willbe rewarded in presentation grades, as will interesting critiques that get theclass thinking.

2) If you want to cover the reading comprehensively, emailyour notes or overheads to professor Rosenfeld, and he will post them on theclass website Another central concept to sociology is that of the sociological imagination. The sociological imagination allows sociologists to make connections between .

If you plan to use Powerpoint slides, email these to ProfessorRosenfeld in advance.

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You must download theGoogle doc and email it to Professor Rosenfeld, so that he can access the fileafter the presentation is over. 5) Over the years, MS PowerPoint presentations have becomemore and more popular with students.

While I have no objection to PowerPoint inprinciple, students should resist the temptation to hurry through 20 slides ofsentence fragments and bullet points, adorned by bright colors and large fonts. Most presentations do not need multimedia to make their case.

In addition,large powerpoint files with embedded graphics and pictures tend to be toounwieldy for me to post to my class website Examples of sociological explanation Marriage Naturalistic explanation: It is We have learned them, they are accepted as 'natural', they become 'common sense'. This reading is a good example of how, through socialisation, we are taught .

See, for example, Edward Tufte’s TheCognitive Style of PowerPoint (2006, Second Edition, Graphics Press).

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If you insist on PowerPoint I won’t hold itagainst you. 6) If you bring in outside sources (a book, an article, amovie clip) you have to explain the provenance of that source.

Who created itand when, and for what audience? What kind of research (if any) was done tocreate the source? You need to treat all sources, especially the sources youintroduce to the class (sources that your classmates may not have read or seenbefore) with a critical eye. Please do not assume that the source’s statementof facts or conclusions is correct. Thereis nothing wrong with using biased or opinionated sources as long as you canexplain what the bias is.

Every discussion section should be led by a small group ofstudents whose job it is to present some interesting views or perspectives onsome or all of the reading, and to challenge their section mates in interestingways 22 Feb 2018 - Undergraduate degree programmes in Sociology at the University of you are happy to receive all cookies on the University of Edinburgh website. We are consistently ranked among the top 20 universities in the world for sociology. and lectures, online resources, class discussions and presentations..

1) Your job as section presenters is to get the rest of thesection thinking and talking about the reading. Students should plan to present for approximately half of thesection time, making sure to leave enough time for discussion among the rest ofthe section.

Focus on key issues,answer some of my web-posted questions, and pose (and answer) some of your ownquestions 1) Your job in in-class presentations is to get the class thinking about the reading. Rather, focus on one or two key issues, answer some of my web-posted .

If the section presentation is done by more than one person,everyone in the group should participate somehow.

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Feel free to ask questions of your section mates, *but be sure that youhave an answer in mind* so that you can steer the discussion. The second halfof the section period will be devoted to a discussion among the students of theissues you and your group have raised, as well as issues that they want toraise.

2) If you want to cover the reading comprehensively, make ahandout. Handouts that are especially useful should be emailed to professorRosenfeld so he can share them with the rest of the class. If you plan to usePowerpoint slides, email these to Professor Rosenfeld in advance.

If you planto use Google docs, it is not enough to share the document with ProfessorRosenfeld’s email address.

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3) Grades for section presentations will be based oncreativity, thoughtfulness, and how well you got the rest of your section matesinvolved.

Ordinarily, everyone in the presentation group will receive the samegrade Introduction to Sociology – 1st Canadian Edition You move out of the way when someone needs to get by, and you say “excuse me” when you need to leave..

If you have a critique or criticism of the reading for the week, all thebetter. 5) Assume that your section mates have done the reading. Your job is to draw their attention to what you think are the key points.

6) It can be very engaging to bring in outside sources tosection, but note: If you bring in outside sources (a book, an article, a movieclip, a webpage, a slide show) you have to explain the provenance of thatsource.

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Please do not assume that the source’s statement of facts orconclusions is correct. There is nothingwrong with using biased or opinionated sources (in fact such sources can beespecially entertaining and illuminating) as long as you can explain what kindsof bias or viewpoints may be present in the source. Also note: if you are planning to use a sourcethat has audio (a youtube or movie clip, for instance), be sure to check withyour TA that the section room has audio capacity, or that you have a way toamplify the sound. You might need a mini-jack audio cable to connect betweenyour laptop and the room’s sound system.